On July 25th, 2015 Paranormal West was founded by team members Rahkee and Co-Founder J.R. Leyvas.

Rahkee is a Technician and Inventor.   He develops new devices that help in spirit communication.

J.R. Leyvas is a Lead Investigator and Historian.   He has a high level of expertise in the field of the paranormal. 

Founder of Afterlife Paranormal,  Dr. Mendy Baker, partnered with Paranormal West on March 13th, 2016  and becoming the team's Psychic.  Mendy left the team April 23rd 2017.

Sherry Lotz, Organizer for the Los Angeles Paranormal Department Meetup Group, united with Paranormal West on April 6th, 2016 and became Paranormal West of Los Angeles. She left the team February 28, 2017.


Paranormal West was created to gather evidence of paranormal phenomena at locations deemed "haunted."  Since then, the team, has grown into three active functions to benefit the community.  These three active functions are core, education, and events.  

Core:  The purpose of the core team is to help those that may have paranormal activity occurring in their home or business.

Education:  This function serves as a purpose to those that are interested in the study of the paranormal

 Events:  The events are to service skeptics and believers in the paranormal field of locations that have previously been deemed haunted and to gather more evidence at the location.​


Paranormal West meetings are both online and in person. The day the team meets vary in the function of the member. The meeting days are shown in the events.  Members must have a login in order to access the dates.

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