Recently, Rahkee and Matt Payne (of Paranormal Shadows UK) developed an application for Android devices called “Banshee”  which is used to talk to spirits. The application has over 10,000 downloads and is a leading source in spirit communication.

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Southern California has many haunted places.  In the beginning of 2015, Christopher “Rahkee” Gates started his adventures as a Paranormal Investigator.  He founded an investigative team called “Paranormal West” with fellow investigator and Co-Founder Joshua Leyvas.  Rahkee has visited many haunted locations and has collected evidence of his paranormal encounters. In addition to investigating several locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona he has also appeared as a guest speaker at Para-Cons.  In 2017, he became an Investigator and Demonologist for the popular paranormal investigative team Chill Seekers. ​

More notably he is known for the “Banshee Box” and "Rahkbox" that are devices used for Instrumental Trans-Communication “ITC” research.

The Banshee Box is Rahkee's first build and his own concept of the ghost box known as the "Portal."   The box uses an echo effect along with an hacked Aiwa radio.  Rahkee has only built six of these in his lifetime.  

The "Rahkbox" is an unique ghost box created by Rahkee.  The box was introduced in the season finale of Chill Seekers TV Season One "Virginia City" Episode.  The box has had some of the most remarkable direct responses.  Were the spirits of the Washoe Club warning Rahkee of things to come?